Demand for Company Specific English Training Courses on the Rise in UK Schools

by Linguarama 13. November 2015 09:23

Cheney Court has seen a rise in the number of clients requesting company specific courses, which combine the teaching of business skills in English while incorporating company specific objectives.

More and more companies see the advantages of using English training as a platform to develop employees’ knowledge of the company, its culture, or to improve their internal communication across countries and between departments. ’ reports Cheney Court Centre Manager James Davis

An international insurance company committed to better integration of its foreign subsidiaries felt that bringing people together and developing their use of English would help to foster an information sharing environment, ensure quality problem solving and create more cohesion within the organisation.   Locating the course at Cheney Court, Linguarama’s unique residential training centre where students enjoy comfortable en suite accommodation and high quality food on one site, provided an ideal location for department heads to network and exchange ideas outside of the course.  


The intensive 3 day course covered essential language and skills for meetings and presentations in addition to teambuilding activities.  The programme was adapted to include job specific language and to reflect standard company best practice.  The UK CEO joined the group one afternoon to present to course participants and answer questions about company activities, strategy and corporate culture. 
As with all of marcus evans Linguarama courses, the emphasis was on practical usage. Roleplays followed by comprehensive feedback, gave participants confidence to put new skills into practice.

Participants felt the course was effective and very useful for daily work delivered by excellent teachers.  Significantly they also acquired valuable insight into the way their company and colleagues work that wouldn't otherwise have been possible. Spending time together undoubtedly gave them more confidence to initiate contact and encourage dialogue now they are back in their everyday work. 
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