Linguarama Germany Awarded ISO 9001

by Linguarama 3. July 2015 06:56





Top quality Quality Management at Linguarama 

Congratulations to our German training centres who have been awarded ISO 9001 for the high standard of our Continuous Quality Management Development!

What does that mean for our customers and stakeholders?
By conforming to ISO International Standards you can be assured that we:

• are committed to the quality of our training 
• meet the needs of our customers
• have reliable and consistent services 
• look for continuous improvement in the way we work
• provide high quality customer service
• offer good value for money
• have excellent levels of customer satisfaction

The ISO 9001 certification complements the other internal and external quality tools already in place within Linguarama Germany.   It puts into place processes of best practice and ways of improving in all areas which have already positively impacted the organisation group wide.

Praise was especially given to Linguarama’s on-line School Management System, SMS.   This user friendly platform ensures that stakeholders are able to access all relevant information ‘anyplace any time’.  This means that both students and company training officers can obtain course information easily and securely.

The independent audit also ensures that the Linguarama product - our outstanding training - is relevant, and needs-based, while our materials are appropriate and our trainers top quality.

Once again, well done to our German colleague for their success!    More proof that Linguarama consistently provides the best possible training and services for our clients.




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