Train the Trainer in Angola

by Linguarama 30. January 2015 03:44

Susie Brady, DOS at Linguarama London,  recounts her experience of delivering a short “Train the Trainer”  course in Angola for Linguarama course for a company outside Luanda.

As somebody who has lived in Africa before, but in Ethiopia, I was very keen to go and see  another country and compare the two.

As always the people were very warm and welcoming and as soon as I arrived it felt like being back home again. I was lucky enough to visit someone’s home to try traditional Angolan food which was great and also got to visit some local restaurants with staff from the company.

The training was very intense. The timetable was from 09.00 until 17.00 – so not much time off during the day either for the participants or for me. I also set the participants some self-study each evening preparing their lessons for the next day’s training practice.

They were all very good speakers of English having studied at University and often in the USA. They had basic teacher training but wanted some new techniques to bring to the classroom. So it was a rewarding experience giving them some new and more communicative techniques to try  - and supporting them while tried out the ideas out with each other and their own students


Topics included:

  • Motivation, Acquisition and Learning
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Internet Resources and blended learning
  • Teaching Specialised Vocabulary

The weekend provided a short break for us all. I had time to visit some interesting sights including the beach, a market for hand carved statues and a new 4 star hotel for an incredible lunch– as well as prepare for the second week.

And it was great to get the feedback from the participants a couple of weeks after the training:

I have noted a lot of improvements in our performances and personally a great deal of improvements in the choice of communicative activities and strategies to use in order to support the learning process. “

I have also become more reflective in my teaching than before. I was absolutely delighted to have  you round for training!”

It always helps when you feel you have made a difference!

Susie Brady

DOS Linguarama London



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