Business English Courses

by Linguarama 10. October 2014 10:32

Types of Linguarama Business English Courses:

Individual Tuition
Linguarama teaches a wide range of one-to-one courses. Individual tuition permits the teacher to tailor a course to the specific needs of a particular student. This is attractive to the business person who has a clear and specific work-related language focus. Individual tuition can be organised on an intensive basis (Business Track programmes) or on a less intensive basis.

Intensive individual tuition is often chosen in order to accommodate the business student who cannot attend regular tuition spread over a longer period. It is also useful for a business person who may have to improve his or her level of the language at very short notice (in order to take up a new job, for example).

Business Track
Business Track is the umbrella title for intensive courses available in all languages offered by Linguarama. Business Track courses aim to maximise the learner’s potential to learn by preparing the learner in advance of the course, by helping the learner to develop effective learner strategies during the course, and by helping the learner to continue the learning process after the course.

The core elements of Business Track are:

  • ‘Pre-course task (completed before the course)
  • ‘Course profile (key course objectives)
  • ‘Personal learning plan (completed on an ongoing basis)
  • ‘Learning to learn (input on how to learn more effectively)
  • ‘Integrated personal study (self-study activities as examples of useful post-course learning activities)
  • ‘Progress check (measuring progress at the end of the course)
  • ‘Post-course task (completed and returned to the centre after the course)

Linguarama also teaches a range of group courses. Many are organised as in-company, “closed”, courses with participants from the same company (average 6 to 8 in a group).
These courses may be taught in house or at the Linguarama centre. Courses are usually organised in modules of three lessons held once or twice weekly. Corporate Language Training

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