British Council Accredited

by Linguarama 2. May 2014 10:50
The British Council inspected and accredited marcus evans Linguarama London. The Accreditation Scheme assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching and welfare.
At Linguarama London, strengths were noted in the areas of staff management, quality assurance, premises and facilities, learning resources, academic management, course design, teaching, care of students and leisure opportunities. The inspection report stated that the organisation met the standards of the Scheme.  

Resources and environment summary
The provision exceeds the section standard. The premises and facilities provide students and staff with a very pleasant professional learning environment. They and the well-developed range of learning resources are strengths.
Management summary
The provision meets and, in several areas, exceeds the section standard. The management of the school is very efficient and quick to respond to individual students' needs. Although a few details of publicity require attention, it is generally accurate, comprehensive and raises realistic expectations. Staff management and quality assurance are strengths. 
Course design and implementation
·    Course design is based on the Linguarama Approach set out as ten principles in the trainers' handbook. Essentially, these propose a personalised, learner-centred, communicative approach which is responsive to individual students'  needs and incorporates training in autonomous learning.
·    The overall framework of the different Linguarama programmes is decided centrally and is common to all centres. However, different centres may offer different courses and the content of any individual course is based on the individual student's needs analysis which emerges from his or her pre-course test and interview. As the course progresses, its content may well be adjusted further. For Specialist Group Programmes- for instance English for Chief Financial Officers or English for International Auditors- there is a pre-determined content, but this too is adjusted to the course participants' wants and needs. As well as the core course lessons, usually shared between two trainers, most courses include study periods (IPSs), lunches, lunchtime language activity workshops and an evening social programme from Monday to Friday, again adjusted to students' interests.
·    On Monday mornings, students discuss a proposed lesson-by-lesson programme for the week with their trainer. The agreed final version, adjusted as necessary and approved by the CM or ACM/DoS, then becomes the scheme of work, with a copy to the student.
·    There is an emphasis on providing students with study and learning strategies that enable them to learn effectively during and after their course. Students' inductions include learning to learn and continuing learning advice. The IPS is seen as an opportunity to encourage students to develop ways of learning independently.  In lessons, they are given written feedback sheets summarising grammar and new vocabulary, and highlighting any pronunciation needing attention. The trainers'  handbook advises them to review coverage of the last lesson, to have a clear policy agreed with the student on error correction, to encourage note-taking and the transfer of language to the workplace context, and the setting of personal goals. Trainers are also required to introduce their students to the range of self-access resources available on Linguarama Connect, and may set them post-course tasks.
·    Courses systematically include strategies to ensure students practise their English outside the classroom and benefit linguistically from their stay in London. There is strong encouragement to use only English in the school; students' daily reviews includes discussion on how they spent the previous evening; homestays offering opportunities for conversation are available for those who want them; there are lunchtime activities or lunches with   trainers; and the social programme offers a daily evening event.
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