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by Linguarama 30. September 2011 05:47


Learning with Technology has become a natural bi-product of the digital age; but could it ever become a realistic alternative to the classroom?

E-Learning has a myriad of benefits for the modern work place. We should know. Linguarama Direct, one of the early web-based language learning programmes, has helped thousands of learners improve their Business English as part of a blended language learning programme. 

Our trial version of Linguarama Connect, (http://www.linguarama.com/linguarama-connect ) our new language learning platform for Business English, has already proved an invaluable tool for supporting face-to-face language learning for our professional clients across Europe.

The news agency Reuters recently reported that Japan’s white collar workers have been panic buying E-Learning courses to combat what they have coined as an ‘English language crisis’  which is sweeping the country.

With slow economic growth, workers in Japan are aiming to improve their business English in order to gain an edge over their colleagues in an increasingly unpredictable market place.

Now, it is a well known fact that although Japan is the third largest economy in the world, their level of English has traditionally been low. The country's average score on the TOEFL, a computer-based test of English as a foreign language has not been at the top of the league among Asian countries. 

So is E-Learning the answer to Japan’s prayers?  In a word, no. E-Learning should only ever be used to complement classroom teaching, not replace it.

Although E-Learning is undeniably a cost effective means of learning languages, which offers convenience and flexibility, it cannot provide Japanese earners of Business English with the skills to compete in an increasingly English speaking, globalised economy.

Linguarama’s classrooms are brim full of language in action – discussion, debate and the kind of interaction that we learn language for. Outside the classroom our participants have the chance to log on to Linguarama Connect and use it as an additional learning tool.

At Linguarama, we embrace new technology and want our clients to have the chance to use it whenever it will benefit them. Technology is always evolving and no doubt there will be ever more innovative ways to learn languages online. In our opinion however, nothing will ever replace the value of the face-to-face, traditional classroom environment for getting the most out of your learning experience


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