Linguarama Business English - Clients' Views

by Linguarama 11. April 2014 04:39

Clients of different nationalities describe their experiences of Business English courses at Linguarama London and explain why the courses are so effective and so enjoyable.

Linguarama Business English Trainers describe their various business backgrounds and how this is used to enhance the students' learning experience.

Our business English courses are:

*Are entirely focused on the student's individual needs.
*Have practical relevance to business and professional life.
*Use constantly updated training materials.
*Are offered in a European network of over 20 centres.

Each year we train people from over 60 countries in more than 25 languages. Providing over 1,000 companies and organisations with total training solutions.

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Linguarama Cheney Court 1989 to 2014

by Linguarama 4. April 2014 04:12
2014 is a special year for Linguarama Cheney Court. It is 25 years since we welcomed the first student to Linguarama's new residential training centre for business executives.

For 25 years Cheney Court
has been providing exclusive, individually tailored and focused training that has allowed our students to vastly improve their English language skills, concentrating on the key functions required in their professional roles.
Students from over 100 different countries, from Albania to Vietnam, Finland to Somaliland, Costa Rica to Japan have immersed themselves in English in the classroom, during the social programme, over a drink in the bar, while exploring the beautiful English countryside.

We have trained MEPs, Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Chief Executives and Managers from over 1700 companies throughout the world and helped them to improve their performance in negotiations, presentations, meetings and board meetings.

We are hugely experienced in providing intensive and effective individual and small group training. As the world has been changing we have provided each year more focused and relevant training programmes. We have continually evolved our teaching approach, our use of resources and our technology.

As 2014 and our 25th year approached we had planned, written and taught over 20,000 weeks of English programmes to our students. Within the timeless residential environment of Cheney Court our courses continue to support professional people to meet their business objectives through use of improved and confident English communication skills.

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