Business Presentations with Prezi and Pecha Kucha

by Linguarama 27. December 2012 10:24

Prezi + Pecha Kucha = memorable presentations

Imagine you are from Africa, South America or China. You have to go to a world conference and deliver a presentation using Prezi and Pecha Kucha - and you have to do this in English to 200 people. This blog post describes a recent training course in Beijing delivered by two Linguarama trainers who were working to help a group of 40 young medical professionals from around the globe achieve just that.

Prezi was a new presentation tool for most of the participants so, before the course, they had a chance to visit the Prezi website to familiarise themselves what it offers.
A Prezi provides a huge blank canvas onto which presenters can add text and images. The results can be breath-taking as the presenter sweeps in close to a picture, or text. Take a look at:

You can set the timer on a Prezi, so that the presentation moves on automatically. This allows you to deliver your talk with the restrictions of a 'Pecha Kucha'. 20 slides with 20 seconds a slide. Every Pecha Kucha lasts 6 minutes and 40 seconds, long enough to deliver your key message and make a lasting impression on the audience.

So how can you make a good presentation great? This was question we discussed with the participants in China. You can use various techniques:

  • carefully choose stunning photos and graphics: "a picture paints a thousand words"
  • try to synchronise your spoken words with the key-words which appear on-screen
  • avoid zooming too quickly or randomly, which can induce a feeling of sea-sickness in the audience!

All of us, participants and trainers alike, learnt a lot about the technology, about lay-out and  about re-sizing photographs. However, throughout the presentation skills course, we constantly returned to the three cornerstones of giving a good presentation: accuracy, fluency and effectiveness.

Five days were all we had. It was enough to ensure that the participants identified which area they would benefit most from working on: accuracy, fluency or effectiveness. And in the process, we were able to work together on honing the Prezis to make them memorable!

More and more business presenters are using Prezi. It's a wonderful tool, providing it is combined with a good command of the language, confidence and rhetorical skills.
The result can be a truly powerful presentation.

This course was certainly a memorable experience for all concerned, in an unforgettable setting.


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